How to Hire Your Insurance Repair Contractor

How to Hire Your Insurance Repair Contractor

When filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, you need a professional, licensed contractor. This is a professional with the right skills to manage your home repairs. Your insurance company may recommend contractors that can get your repairs done. However, if you need a second opinion or you want to get a different contractor, there are basic things to consider.

Things to Get from a Good Insurance Repair Contractor

Some of the things to get from a good insurance repair contractor include:

  • A written estimate that details labor and material costs as well as what shall be accomplished.
  • The time frame to expect for the work to be done
  • Their license number, number of their insurance policy for general liability, and the liability insurance carried by the contractor.
  • The duration for which the contractor has been doing your kind of work.

Not every contractor will guarantee their work. However, it’s advisable to inquire about this. If possible, choose a contractor that guarantees you quality work. What’s more, you don’t have to pay to get this information. Instead, they provide this information during a free consultation appointment.

How to Choose a Legitimate Insurance Repair Contractor

To choose a legitimate insurance repair contractor, contact the state departments in your local area. Find out if the individual claiming to be a contractor is really legitimate. A licensed contractor has no problem giving you details of their qualifications.

Some general handymen or people can prey on the anxiety and fears of other people when making disaster claims. If one of these people approaches you while going from door to door offering cheap repairs and cleanup services, be careful. Let them know that you have homeowner’s insurance claim and you need a formal bid.

A legit contractor will be ready to put in a bid. That’s because they are reputable, honest and professional.

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